Quality assurance commitment

Quality assurance commitment

The company is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2000 international quality assurance system standards. The company has a professional quality control team and professional testing equipment to ensure product quality. details as follows:

1. The company's products are produced in accordance with the relevant national standards, industry standards or enterprise standards, and meet the safety standards, hygiene standards and environmental protection standards set by the home.

2. In addition to the standards provided above, the products also meet the specific or special requirements provided by the owner (such as customized drawings or requirements provided by the owner).

3. The implementation standards and acceptance criteria of the relevant products are as follows: air outlet standard JBJ77-91 "Air Industry Standard for Air and Air Port" and Q/TIGP1-97 "Air Conditioning Port" Shanghai Enterprise Standard GB50243-2002 "Construction and Acceptance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering" Specification"; Tukou aluminum profile material conforms to GB5237-2000 "Aluminum Alloy Building Profile". Fire dampers and smoke venting valves implement GB15930-2007 "Fire dampers for building ventilation and smoke exhaust systems" and "Code for construction quality acceptance of ventilation and air conditioning engineering" Gb50243-2002 and fire protection specifications for high-rise civil buildings. The air volume regulating valve implements JB/T7228-94 "Air Volume Control Valve" and GB50243-2002 standard. The company manufactures and accepts air outlets, fire dampers, smoke venting valves, exhaust valves (mouths), air volume control valves and mufflers according to the above standards, and promises that all performance meets the requirements specified in the above standards.

4, the warranty period is 12 months, during the warranty period, the company's product quality due to the quality of the product itself, the performance of the product does not meet the requirements for the replacement, replacement, repair, for the installation process during the construction site In the case of man-made damage or failure to properly install according to the product specifications provided by our company, the performance is degraded or scrapped. In line with the principle of friendly cooperation and satisfaction of the owners, our company is responsible for repair and only charges the cost of related products.

5. In order to ensure the quality of the company's products (especially to reduce mis-ordering or improper use of products), the company is responsible for providing pre-sales technical services, sales technical training services and after-sales maintenance services.

The company's products are responsible for lifetime maintenance!