In order to ensure the benefit of both parties, reduce the product's mis-scheduled, missed products and improper use after product installation, the company will provide pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

Pre-sales technical service

Before ordering, our technical staff will provide customers with technical parameters, samples and test reports, and explain to customers as much as possible the performance and characteristics of various products so that customers have a sensory understanding of the products, thus guiding customers according to their The working environment and work requirements of the product are placed to properly select the product to achieve the best working condition.

Sales technical training services:

After ordering, our company can communicate with the project contracting unit about the problems encountered in the technology and construction, and ensure that the supplied goods meet the supporting needs of the overall project and the construction and installation requirements. During the installation process, our company provides free technical guidance to the buyer and the installation company on the purchased products so that the products can be properly installed and used correctly. If there is any quality problem of the seller's product itself, our company will promptly replace or repair it to avoid affecting the progress of the project.

After-sales service

The warranty period is 12 months after the goods arrive at the construction site. During the warranty period, the seller is responsible for the product that is not up to the requirements due to the quality of the product itself, and is responsible for the return, replacement, and repair. In the case of man-made damage at the construction site, or improper storage on site or failure to properly install and use according to the instructions provided by our company, the performance of the product is degraded, or even the requirements are not met. Based on the principle of friendly cooperation and satisfaction of the owners, our company Responsible for repairs and replacements, but the cost of the relevant products is charged. If the equipment fails, the seller will arrive at the scene within four hours to get rid of the equipment failure after receiving the written notice.